Athlete Check-In Information

All athletes are required to CHECK-IN while at the Tennessee Senior Olympics.

WHERE for 2021:  TBA

At the time of this writing (March 31), the general venue for athlete check-in has not been determined.  All athletes will be required to check-in at this central venue with the following exceptions:

Archery                 Williamson County Soccer Complex

Golf                      Two Rivers Golf Course,  Nashville

Racquetball          Longview Community Center, Spring Hill

Pickleball              Chattanooga Convention Center

Cycling                  Strawberry Plains, TN

Athletes will receive one T-shirt at the location of their first event.





Please disregard the information below for 2020.

WHEN:  CHECK-IN times are included in the Competition Schedule 

WHY:  To check ID's and verify ages.  A government issued photo ID, with date of birth is required to check-in.  In addition, all athletes will receive a t-shirt, program, and goody bag.  Heat sheets, detailed brackets, and participant lists will be posted for review.

EXCEPTIONS: These athletes will check-in at their event sites.

1. golfers

2. cyclists

3. racquetball players

Frequently Asked Check-In Information Questions:

1)  Must I CHECK-IN before my event starts?  No.  However, you must check-in sometime before you leave town or your results will be nullified.  This protects the integrity of our event.

2)  Do I have to go to Athlete Check-in? Yes.  See above exceptions.

Can someone bring my packet and T-shirt to my venue?   No.  With over 1,600 athletes in multiple events and over 10 venues this is an impossibility for staff and volunteers to manage. Thank you for your understanding.

3) Can someone else check-in for me?  Unfortunately not. We need to check the ID of the actual athlete to make sure it is the same person.