Athlete Check-In Information



With over 1,000 athletes in various sports, it is necessary to have a central check-in location, as we do not have the ability to sort and transport check-in materials to every venue.  

1) You will be welcomed and have a chance to ask questions.

2) You will receive an athlete commemorative shirt.

3) Identification will be checked so please bring proof of age. This protects the integrity of our event.

4) A notebook will be available to check brackets and schedules.


Franklin High School

810 Hillsboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37064

* Exceptions: Golf, Cycling, and Pickleball will check in directly at their event sites.  One athlete shirt will be distributed for the whole event.


You may check-in before or after your events.  Check-in must occur before leaving town.

Friday, June 21                     1:30 pm- 6:00 pm

Saturday, June 22                7:15 am- 5:00 pm
Sunday, June 23                  7:15 am- 5:00 pm
Monday, June 24                 7:15 am- 4:00 pm
Tuesday, June 25                  7:15 am- 4:00 pm
Wednesday, June 26            7:15 am- 4:00 pm
Thursday, June 27                 7:15 am- 10:00 am


Q. Must I check-in before my event starts?
A. No. However, you must check-in sometime before you leave town or your results will be voided. Please check the Athlete Check-In hours before driving over to make sure it is open.
Q. Must I go to FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL? Can someone bring my packet and T-shirt to my venue?
A. No. With over 1,000 athletes in 70 events and multiple venues, this is an impossibility for staff and volunteers to manage. Thank you for your understanding.
Q. Can someone else check in for me?
A. Unfortunately not. We need to check the ID of the
actual athlete to make sure it is the same person.