District Online Registration

2022 District Games Registration Information

(NOTE:  This is separate from the State Finals registration).



For information on your district, please go to the DISTRICT GAMES tab and click on your district for contact information.


2022 District Event Dates Chart - click this link to view all district dates and deadlines in one handy place.  Dates, deadlines, and events are subject to change without notice.


1.  CHATTANOOGA DISTRICT  - Click HERE TO REGISTER for the Chattanooga District Games.    Deadlines:  Tennis:  September 23, 2022; Golf: October 5, 2022;  All other Sports:  October 12, 2022; Pickleball: January 20, 2023


2.   EAST TENNESSEE DISTRICT -   Registration by MAIL ONLY.  Deadline:  September 9


3.  FIRST TENNESSEE DISTRICT -   Registration by MAIL ONLY.  Deadline:  August 24 (extended)


4.  GREATER NASHVILLE DISTRICT - Click HERE to REGISTER for the Greater Nashville District Games.  Deadlines:  Pickleball: August 26; Golf: September 16;  All other sports:  September 2


5.  MEMPHIS DISTRICT DISTRICT -  Click HERE to REGISTER for the Memphis District Games.  Deadline:  September 18 (extended)


6.  NORTHWEST DISTRICT -   Registration by MAIL-ONLY.  Deadline:  August 17


7.  SOUTH CENTRAL DISTRICT -  Click HERE to REGISTER for the South Central District.  Deadline: September 16


8.   SOUTHEAST DISTRICT   Your district is not currently ready to host events, although conversations and planning will be taking place to implement events in the future.  “Any event not offered at an individual's home district will be considered an open event.”  Meaning that athletes from the Southeast district will automatically waive on to the 2023 state finals. However, please remember that athletes are welcome to register for ANY district.


9.   SOUTHWEST DISTRICT - Registration by mail ONLY.  Deadline August 24th.


10.  UPPER CUMBERLAND DISTRICT - Click HERE to REGISTER for the Upper Cumberland District.  Deadline:  August 20th