Chattanooga District

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For the following counties:  Grundy, Hamilton, Marion, and Sequatchie

Coordinator:  Kelly Price

Phone: 423-240-1508 



2021 Chattanooga District Games:  October 2021 (more info to come)

Pickleball:  February 2022 (more infor to come)



2020 Chattanooga District CANCELLED

2019 Results

Badminton Singles Results

Badminton Doubles Results

Badminton Mixed Doubles Results

Basketball 3 on 3

Basketball Skill Events Results

Bowling Singles Results

Bowling Doubles Results - coming soon

Bowling Mixed Doubles Results

Cornhole Results

Disc Golf Results

Field Events

Golf Results

Shuffleboard Singles Results

Shuffleboard Doubles Results

Softball Throw Results

Swimming Results

Table Tennis Singles Results

Table Tennis Doubles Results

Table Tennis Mixed Doubles Results

Tennis Singles Results

Tennis Doubles Results

Tennis Mixed Doubles Results

Track Results

Results 2018 (contact Kelly Price)

Results 2017 (Feb 2018 Pickleball)

2017 District Results Multiple Sports - (please scroll through.  There are some blank pages)

2017 Track Results

2017 Chattanooga Women's Pickleball Single Results

2018 Chattanooga Men's Pickleball Single Results

2018 Chattanooga Women's Pickleball Doubles Results

2018 Chattanooga Men's Pickleball Doubles Results

2018 Chattanooga Mixed Pickleball Doubles Results

Rule Book - click here