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Events:  Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles

Venue Location:  Franklin Entertainment Center

Address: 1200 Lakeview Drive, Franklin, TN  37067, (615) 790-2695

CHECK-IN will occur at the bowling center.  Do NOT go to BGA.

2020 Practice Date: On your own. 
*No-Tap Tournament: No- Tap Canceled for 2020
2020 Competition Dates: Monday, August 31 - Wednesday, September 2
Bowling Schedule: Check the Competition Schedule below.

Notes:  Please review the Covid Guidelines posted.   A few highlights-

Masks must be worn at all times except competing.  Temps will be taken at the door,

Covid questions and a waiver must be answered and signed before competing.

You may not be in the facility other than checking-in 30 minutes prior and competing.  Spectators NOT allowed. 

There will be 2 assigned to a lane (3 maximum). One person will be allowed at the ball return at a time.

Between shifts, cleaning will occur.

Competition Schedule:

Monday, August 31  
Doubles (50-64)  9:00 AM
Mixed (50-64)  12:00 PM
Singles (50-64)  3:00 PM
Tuesday, September 1
Singles (65-74)  9:00 AM
Singles (75+)  9:00 AM
Doubles (65-74)  12:00 PM
Wednesday, September 2
Doubles (75+) 9:00 AM
Mixed (65-74) 12:00 PM
Mixed (75+)  3:00 PM

Bowling starts at game time.  Warmups are 10 minutes prior. The bowling tournament will be sanctioned for honors scores. If an 800 series or 300 game is bowled, a card will be necessary but it is not mandatory to enter the bowling competition.

Medals: If you must leave before medals are awarded, please have a friend/athlete check your place and pick it up for you.   Medals will also be mailed after receiving a request in writing, accompanied by a check payable to the TN Senior Olympics in the amount of $3.00 per medal for shipping.  Mail to: TSO, PO Box 681, Mt. Juliet, TN 37121.

Sports Chairs:  Charlotte Myers and Don McKee

Bowling Check-In Information:  Please click here

Bowling Rule Book