Registration eligibility

Are you eligible for the TSO State Finals?


If the answer is YES to these questions, you are eligible.

1.  Will you be 50 by December 31?   If no, you are NOT eligible. 

2.  Are you a TN resident or live within 30 miles of the state line?

                If no, you are NOT eligible.   Exception: Softball players.

3.  Most sports require participation in a fall or winter TN district.

     -Did you participate in one of the ten TN districts this past fall or in pickleball in February in Chattanooga?

                You are eligible for those sports.

If the answer is NO, can you answer YES to one of the following questions?

  a.  I will be registering for an open sport that does not require district participation. Open sports for 2020 are:

Archery, Cornhole, Cycling (5K/20K), Disc Golf, Power Walk

Racquetball, Road Races (5K/10K), Pole Vault, Triple Jump.  Or ANY sport not offered at your district.         You are eligible for these sports.                                                                                                                                                             

b.  I am a brand-new participant to the TN Senior Olympics.  I have never participated in a district or state finals before.      You are eligible.      For this year only, you have received an exemption from district competition.  Please check the FTP (First-time participant) box during the registration process.                                                                             

c.  I filed a medical or other hardship with the state office.  I have paid my district waiver fee.      You are eligible.    Need a Medical/Hardship Form?  Click here.                       Deadline is April 1.  The board will consider medical hardships and extenuating circumstances.  All athletes had the chance to particpate in one of ten districts and effort needs to be shown.