Registration eligibility

Eligibility Information

Are you Eligible for the 2024 State Finals?

The TN Senior Senior Olympics is open to all TN residents and those who live within 30 miles of the border.  We also allow out-of-state residents to register for the sports of archery, 3x3 basketball, cycling, racquetball, softball, and volleyball.

In addition, please review the checklist below:

 1. Did you participate in a 2023 district event last fall or recently in Chattanooga? Many of our state sports require district participation. If so, you are eligible to register.

NOTE: If your area did not host a district or your sport was not offered at your district, you are eligible to register.

2.. Are you an open sport athlete? If so, district participation was not required, and you are eligible to register. Open sports include:


Basketball 3x3



Disc Golf

Golf Scramble

Pole Vault


Road Races (5K/10K)


Triple Jump


Walks- 1500m Power Walk; 1500m Race Walk, 5K Race Walk

Any sport not offered at your district

3. Are you a first-time TN Senior Olympic athlete (never participated in a district or state event before)? You are permitted a one-time waiver from district participation and eligible to register.

4.  Did you have an injury or extenuating circumstance for missing your district? If so, you can complete a Hardship Form. Please click this link to view the form as well as additional information about the process.









2024 District Registration Information (online or by mail depending on the district). - MORE INFORMATION TO COME LATER IN 2024

1. Entry Form                                                                                                 

Most districts will be mailing entry forms or postcards to past district participants.  Please mail back by the entry deadline.

To print one, click below and select the district. If your form is not posted, please check back as we await that information from each coordinator.

2. Online Registration

The following three districts offer online registration:



           Greater Nashville

           Upper Cumberland


Click the red button at the top of the home page for online registration.

We look forward to seeing you!