Registration eligibility

Steps for TSO Veterans!

The TN Senior Olympics will begin a new qualifying cycle this fall of 2021 with our districts.


  1. Fall Districts 2021.Participate in your home district or any district to be eligible to register for the state finals.  Participate in as many districts as desired!
  2. State Finals 2022.Dates to be announced by December 31.All district participants (regardless of 1st place or last place) and open sports athletes will be eligible to register.
  3. Nationals 2023.Top finalists at the state finals will qualify for the 2023 Nationals scheduled for Pittsburgh. Visit for further info including detailed qualifying information.

How to Register for Districts


  1. by Entry Form.                                                                                                 


Most districts will be mailing entry forms to past district participants.  Please mail back by the entry deadline.

To print one, click below and select the district.If your form is not posted, please check back as we await that information from each coordinator.

2. Online Registration

The following three districts offer online registration:



           Greater Nashville

Click the red button at the top of the home page for online registration.

We look forward to seeing you in 2021 and 2022!