Registration eligibility

WHO is eligible?

  • Athletes must be Tennessee residents only or live within 30 miles of the Tennessee border.
  • Athletes who participated in a fall 2019 Tennessee Senior Olympics district event as well as brand new athletes to the system.   Scroll down to review the  New Participant Rule passed in the fall of 2013.
  • Athletes may only enter those exact sports or events that were played at the district. However, please note this Rule* passed by our board in 2015: 

*Athletes who participated in ONE event at a district game (i.e. singles, mixed, or doubles) within badminton, bowling, pickleball, racquetball, table tennis, tennis (up to two events), and shuffleboard may sign up for all three events at the State Finals if interested. The board realizes that especially with doubles sports and a long time frame between district and state that it may be difficult to secure partners at the time of the district. With these sports being so popular and spanning more than one day at many districts the board is also aware that work commitments and other obligations may make it difficult to play all three events. Thus the flexibility written into the new rule.

  • OPEN SPORTS exceptions: The following sports do not require district participation in order to register for the state finals.
  1. Archery
  2. Cycling (5K/20K)
  3. Power Walk
  4. 5K Walk
  5. Racquetball
  6. Road Races (5K/10K)
  7. Pole Vault
  8. Triple Jump
  9. Cornhole singles/doubles
  10. Disc Golf
  11. Basketball 3 on 3 (2019 only)
  12. Any sport NOT offered at your district
  13. Golf:  2019 District Golfers will be given first chance to register and then golf will be opened on April 1 to all golfers.

New Participant Rule

An athlete who has never participated at any level of the Tennessee Senior Olympics system but who desires to participate in the state finals will be granted:

  • A one- time only exception from qualifying in district competition.  
  • This will require payment of all state finals fees plus a district processing fee of $30 payable to the district. A District Wavier Form must be submitted.  See form at the bottom of this page.  Note: As of 11/8/2019 the $30 district processing fee is no longer required for first-time participants onlyplease check First Time Participant during online registration or on your entry form you mail to us. Remember you will still need to register for the State Finals. 
  • This does not apply to the state finals open sports. An athlete may register directly for these sports.
  • If you know someone who is interested and qualifies for this rule please let them know they can download the form here.  See below.

In addition, our board passed this rule:

  • Hardship Cases:  If an athlete missed his or her district competition for a valid reason (medical, family emergency etc) the board may grant an exception. Please fill out and return a Hardship Form.  See form at the bottom of this page.

District Wavier Form This form is for past participants who were unable to attend their district and want to compete in the State Finals.  A hardship form must be submitted and approved before completing this form. The district waiver form is no longer required for first time participants.

TSO District Waiver Form 2020  


Hardship Form

TSO Hardship Form.pdf