Tennis Brackets 2019 posted 6/13/19

Changes made after 6/13 will not be reflected in the reports below.

Tennis Singles Athlete List 2019

Tennis Doubles Athlete List 2019

Tennis Mixed Doubles Athlete List 2019

All medals MUST be collected during the State Final games.  The TSO will NOT mail medals after the games.  If you must leave before medals are awarded, please have a friend/athlete check your place and pick it up for you.


Events:  Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles
Venue Location:  Indoor Sports Complex
Address:  920 Heritage Way, (Off Concord Rd., just east of I-65), Brentwood, TN 37027

Competition Dates:
Sunday, June 23, 2019 through Thursday, June 27, 2019
Starting Times/Brackets Posting
About one week prior to the tournament

Because we only try to play one singles match per day and two doubles at the most, it is necessary for the pro to analyze numbers per event and age group in order to map a schedule out.

A general schedule (tentative) is as follows: Singles will start Sunday, June 23 or Monday, June 24 depending on the number of entries in your age group.  Mixed doubles will start Sunday, June 23 and doubles will tentatively start on Tuesday, June 25 or once mixed doubles is complete.  Once entries are complete, the tournament draw will be made and brackets generated.  Please note: this is a guide only.  If entries are very large in a certain age group it may mean playing twice a day or other alterations in the schedule.  At this time, we do not know the number of entries in each age group.

We ask that all tennis athletes realize that this is a multi-sport event with close to 1,000 athletes and not just a tennis tournament. It is impossible to pick times that will accommodate everyone’s schedule. Once the draw is posted changes will NOT be made to the brackets. Thank you for your understanding.

Starting times and additional information will be posted here one week prior to the tournament.  It is necessary for us to receive all corrections before schedules are finalized and starting times are posted. 

We advise tennis players to make hotel reservations and then cancel rooms if necessaryy.  Most hotels allow a 24 hour cancellation.
Matches shall consist of the best of 2 tiebreak sets using regular scoring.  At one set all, ties will be broken using a match tiebreak (1st to 10 by a 2 pts margin).

Sports Chair:  Ann Marie Flynn

Tennis Check-In Information:  Please click here
Tennis Rule Book