Track and Field

Track and Field

Venue Location:  Franklin High School

Address:  810 Hillsboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37064

2024 Competition Dates:  Friday, June 21- Sunday, June 23

Note: This schedule is subject to change depending on weather issues such as heat.

Friday, June 21            3:00 pm      High jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault.  

Saturday, June 22       8:00 am      1500M followed by 400M

Saturday, June 22      11:00 am     Shot put/Javelin/Discus (rotation with start times to be posted as the event gets closer.  Groups will start between 11am-1pm).

Saturday, June 22       11am-2pm    Softball Throw  

Saturday, June 22       5:00 pm      100M/4x 100M relay

Sunday, June 23         8:00 am       50M followed by 800M, followed by 1500M Power walk, followed by 1500M race walk, followed by 200M. 

Walkers will be required to choose between the power walk and race walk.  The purpose of adding the power walk a few years ago was as an alternative to the race walk, which is much more difficult technique-wise. At Nationals, typically 40-50% of race walkers are disqualified.  So please choose wisely.

The power walk will be "open" at the 2025 Nationals meaning that state qualification is not necessary but we encourage it.


Important and helpful information regarding track events.

  •  In all running events the women will run first.  The oldest athletes will run first, making the way through age groups, the oldest women athletes down to the youngest women's athletes. The men’s groups, oldest to youngest, will follow. 
  • Those of you participating in the second or third running events of the day need not show up right at 8:00 a.m. It is difficult to predict what exact time events that “follow” will start but please be aware that there will be a wait. 
  • There is a  4x 100M Relay for fun where individuals will check-in after the 100m run to form teams.  You do not need to pre-register.  Announcements will be made at the completion of the 100m run.
  • Starting blocks will be available at the track.
  • The Power Walk is a 1500M competitive walk.  Please note that revised rules are in place for the power walk.  Check the rulebook here.  Medals will be awarded. 
  • Events are timed finals.



High jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault


Softball Throw

Important and helpful information regarding field events.

  • The field event schedule will be similar to the rotation used in past years.  
  • In addition, to stay on schedule, a maximum of FOUR (4) throws in the discus, shot put, and javelin will be allowed. 
  • A schedule by age group will be posted a week out. 
  • For field events, athletes will participate in the order and age listed on the computer participant sheets. Athletes may NOT take turns out of order.   We realize that many of you are trying to participate in multiple events but it is not fair for the other athletes who have been waiting for a long time for you to “break-in”.
  •  Athletes MUST provide their own pole for the pole vault.



Sports Chairs:  Bob Brunton, Reginald Caldwell, Edwin Hagans, Mike Ham, Amy Ham, Gary Hathcock, Jim Kaiser, Anvil Nelson, Mike Walker

Track and Field Rule Book


Track and Field Athlete Check-In Information:  Please click here


Medals: If you must leave before medals are awarded, please have a friend/athlete check your place and pick it up for you.   Medals will also be mailed after receiving a request in writing, accompanied by a check payable to the TN Senior Olympics in the amount of $8.00 per medal for shipping.  Mail to: TSO, PO Box 681, Mt. Juliet, TN 37121.